Martindale NC4 Dual Sensitivity Non-contact Voltage Tester

  • Two ranges 12V – 1000V and 50V – 1000V AC
  • Audible and visual indication
  • Extended probe for easy access
  • Clear tip for high visibility indication
  • LED torch for use in low light
  • LED pulse and auto power off

CAT IV 1000V
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The NC4 voltage tester has two sensitivity ranges for accurately detecting the presence of AC voltages. The first will detect voltages between 50V and 1000V and the second will indicate voltages between 12V and 1000V. Sensitivity can be set according to the application and when in high sensitivity mode the LED pulse double flashes.

The extended probe tip gives improved access and easier identification of live wiring. It indicates voltage by illuminating the clear tip section with a bright red LED and sounding a buzzer.

The pen-shaped design with clip makes it ideal for carrying in a pocket or tool belt when working at height or in difficult to access locations. There is a useful LED torch which illuminates the area directly in front of the tip. Auto power off and a recessed on button ensure a long battery lifetime and the NC4 functionality also includes low battery indication.

The NC4 replaces the Martindale VT4.


Indication Ranges Default: 50-1000V AC
High sensitivity: 12-1000V AC
Indication Audible and LED
Conforms to BS EN 61010-1
Supply 2x AAA batteries (included)
Weight 55g (incl. battery)
Dimensions 155mm length, approx. 25mm diameter


AC Voltage Range200-1000V200-1000V12-1000V
Frequency Range40-400Hz40-400Hz40-400Hz
Magnetic Field Detection> 10mT
LED IndicationRed LEDYellow / Red LEDRed LED
Audible Indication
Power On Pulse LED
Low Battery Indication
Auto Power Off
LED Torch