Corporate social responsibility

We take Corporate social responsibility (CSR) very seriously here at Martindale. Whether it be reducing our carbon footprint on the environment or giving something back to people who are less advantaged than us, we strive to do the right thing.

The environment

Green company cars

To use less energy, reduce emissions, and eliminate fossil fuels, we have converted our sales teams fleet into electric hybrid cars.

Energy efficient building

We are based in a modern building with low energy lighting and heat exchange based ventilation systems to ensure consistent fresh air.


At Martindale, we have taken steps toward helping the environment with our packaging – we’re making it recyclable, reusable and biodegradable and reduced the coverage and number of inks we use. We only use materials that are from sustainable and renewable sources.

Waste disposal Processes

We examine where we source all our consumables from and are doing our best to streamline disposal volumes across the business through energy reduction, recycling and reduced creation of waste.


We’re committed to providing high quality, robust products which consistently work providing you with peace of mind.

Martindale are mindful of how our production methods end to end – from manufacturing to processing and distribution – impact the natural world. Using the latest technology and innovation in our field, we continually aim to reduce this footprint.

Martindale have been forging relationships over 20 years with a number of trusted suppliers across the UK, Europe, the Philippines and China. We maintain high standards in all of our partner factories. We proudly provide good working conditions, regular audits and have built up a strong reputation as an ethical employer in the surrounding communities to our factories.

Social impact

Alongside our commitment to the environment and product quality, we provide training and education to help promote best practices and guidance. We train electrical professionals and others on safe isolation and PAT testing to help make working environments safer for everyone.

We maintain a safe, respectful working environment in our offices and factories. With a commitment to the development of our people and equal opportunity, our underpinning purpose is to keep people safe.

Sponsoring education for the next generation

Many of our products are manufactured in the Philippines. To give back to the Philippines economy, we have sponsored a local charity which brings computer education to remote villages using a fully kitted out converted bus.

training and support

Martindale Electric - Keeping you safe.