Martindale EPAT1600 Dual Voltage Manual PAT Tester

  • Fast and simple to use
  • Class I and Class II PAT testing
  • Tests 110V & 230V appliances
  • High & low current earth bond tests at 8A, 25A, and 200mA IT safe
  • 500V Insulation Test
  • Built-in lead tester
  • Hard case with accessory storage & attached user guide

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The EPAT1600 EasyPAT is a simple one button, one test manual PAT tester which will test all 230V & 110V portable appliances. The EPAT2100 is capable of full high current bond testing at 25A and 8A or can be set to a low current 200mA soft test for safe testing of sensitive IT equipment. There are no complicated menus, just a single rocker switch for selecting test current and large separate buttons bond and insulation testing.

The EPAT1600 has a built-in lead tester for IEC power leads and includes the EX332 adaptor for fast testing of 230V mains extension leads and identification of extension lead wiring faults including phase/neutral reversal, phase open circuit and phase / neutral short.

• Simple one button, one test operation
• Fast and easy Class I & Class II appliance testing
• No complicated menus or settings
• Tests both 230V and 110V appliances from 230V supply
• High and low current earth bond tests at 25A, 8A and 200mA
• Insulation test at 500V
• Built-in lead tester
• Hard case with storage and removable top


Insulation test Test voltage: 500V DC -0% +20% at 0.5MΩ

Short circuit current: 1.5mA DC nominal

Display range: 0-19.9MΩ

Accuracy of indication: ± 5% of rdg ± 1 dgt

Earth continuity (8A & 25A) Test voltage: 6V AC nominal with no load

Test current: 25A AC nom @ 0.1Ω, 8A AC nom @ 0.1Ω

Display range: 0-1.99Ω

Accuracy of indication: ± 10% of rdg ± 2 dgt

Earth continuity (200mA) Test voltage: 130mV DC nominal open circuit

Test current: 200mA DC nominal constant current

Range: 0-1.99Ω

Accuracy of indication: ± 10% of rdg ± 2 dgt

Fuse test Test voltage: 6V AC nominal

Overrange threshold: 10kΩ nominal

Zero range threshold: 800kΩ nominal

Leads Mains: 1.7 metre fixed lead, with a 13A moulded plug

Earth continuity: 3 metre long, detachable lead, heavy duty shrouded crocodile clip.

230V IEC adaptor: 13A BS 1363 plug to IEC 320 connector, 230mm long

Sockets Mains: 230V 13A to BS 1363, 110V 16A to BS 4343

Lead test: IEC 320

Indicators Over temperature: red LED

Lead Polarity: Lamp 1 / Lamp 2 red LEDs

Supply Supply voltage: 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 10/220VA

Complies with EMC: BS EN 50081-1BS, EN 50082-1

LVD: BS EN 61010-1

Housing ABS/polycarbonate
Weight 4kg approx.
Dimensions 330 x 263 x 144mm
Includes TL66 bond lead, EX332 230V plug to socket leads adaptor and manual


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Class I /II Test
Lead TestWith accessory
Pass/Fail IndicationAuto Test inhibit on fail
Test Values Displayed
Selectable Limits
Test ModeAutoAutoAuto/Manual
Run Test
Earth Continuity Test Current200mA/8A/25A200mA/8A/25A200mA/25A
Insulation Test Voltage500V500V500V
110V Appliances
Flash test1.5kV/3kV1.5kV/3kV
Memory1000 results for download