PAT testing the essential guide

Portable appliance testing (PAT) ensures that electrical appliances and equipment that have been classified as “portable” are safe to use.

25% of accidents

related to electrical safety involve portable appliances

According to the Health and Safety Executive, 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances. From these figures, it is clear that a large number of incidents and injuries could be prevented with proper electrical checks, inspections and safety tests.
training and support

Code of practice

In accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989), any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury must be maintained in a safe condition.

PAT testing is an expected part of every employer’s safety environment. There are a number of things to consider when deciding on the frequency of PAT testing. These are covered in the 5th Edition of the IET Code of Practice risk assessment. There are 8 factors you should take into account to determine the test interval, which should be chosen, so far as reasonably practicable, to prevent danger.  

Choosing the right solution for your needs

We know how important it is to carry out effective PAT testing and we also understand that those responsible for safety and compliance need to carry out that testing as productively and efficiently as possible.

It is important to test not only appliances, but mains extension leads too. A good unit will have a range of readily available accessories for use across many applications. Designed in accordance with the IET Code of Practice, our HPAT Tester Series enables both contractors and competent in-house personnel to verify the electrical safety of all types of appliances. Our solutions to electrical safety compliance enable users to safeguard their electrical infrastructure, quickly and easily, keeping people safe.

One button operation

Makes testing easy, a clear pass / fail indication with test results on-screen makes light work of record keeping.

Rechargeable units

Mean you can optimise efficiency and reduce running costs (HPAT500 & HPAT600 models).

Small and lightweight

Maximum portability and backlit display is handy for use in a wide range of locations. On the tester itself, is an easy-to-read help guide, useful for infrequent users.

Soft carry case

Allows the unit to be used without having to unpack and repack, speeding up the process for maximum efficiency.

For more demanding PAT applications, the HPAT600 incorporates a greater range of tests and has the ability to store the test results for later recall on-screen. For downloading results to a PC in order to manage assets and re-test requirements, Martindale offer the MPAT Plus with MPATSUITE software.

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PAT training

We offer a comprehensive one day course in accordance with the IET Code of Practice 5th Edition which teaches the theory and practical aspects of testing portable appliances safely.

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