Martindale MicroPAT Plus Dual Voltage Downloading PAT Tester

  • Tests 110V & 230V appliances
  • Class I & Class II Tests
  • High & low current earth bond tests at 25A and 200mA IT safe
  • 500V Insulation Test
  • Run current & leakage test
  • Lead testing with LTDV accessory
  • Hipot / Flash test for tool hire and workshop service & repair testing

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The MicroPAT Plus is a dual voltage PAT tester with memory storage and download capability. It features a one-button, one test operation with a fast and simple download procedure making the Micropat Plus the ideal PAT tester for fast high volume PAT testing. The Micropat can be connected to a barcode scanner to create an efficient system for fast identification of appliances.

Suitable for both 230V and 110V appliances, the MicroPAT carries out all mandatory PAT tests as well as earth leakage, run current and flash tests making it ideal for both routine onsite testing, tool hire checks and workshop service and repair applications. The EPAT2100 is capable of full high current bond testing at 25A  or can be set to 200mA for safe testing of sensitive IT equipment.

Results can be downloaded to a PC for traceability and to develop periodic test schedules using the Martindale MPATSUITE software. The MPAT Plus is also compatible with Shire Safety First Express & Simply PATs.

• Downloads to computer/printer
• Simple one button, one test operation
• Tests both 230V and 110V appliances based on supply voltage
• Fast and easy Class I, Class II appliance testing
• Extension lead tests with optional LTDV accessory
• Performs 5 PAT tests (earth bond, insulation, run current, run leakage, flash)
• High and low current earth bond tests at 25A and 200mA for sensitive IT equipment
• Suitable for onsite PAT testing, tool hire and workshop applications.
• Mains powered 110V/230V with instant on
• Hard case with storage and removable top

Martindale MPAT Suite is compatible with Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Not compatible with Apple Mac computers.


Insulation test Test voltage: 500V DC – 0% + 20%

Short circuit current: 1mA DC nominal

Display range: 0 to 19.9MΩ

Accuracy: ± 5% ± 1 dgt

Earth continuity test Test voltage: 6V AC nominal

Test current 25A AC nominal at 0.1Ω load,
200mA (soft test) for IT equipment

Display range: 0 to 1.99Ω

Accuracy: ± 10% ± 2 dgt

Run test Display range: 0 to 3.1kVA

Accuracy:± 10% ± 2 dgt at nominal 240V/110V


Earth leakage test Display range: 0 to 6mA AC

Accuracy: ± 10% ± 1 dgt

Flash test Test voltage: 1.5kV AC – Class I (at nom 240V AC), 3kV AC – Class II

Display range: 0 to 3.0mA AC

Accuracy: ± 5% ± 1 dgt

Memory stores 1000 sets of results
Sockets Mains/AC: 240V 13A to BS 1363, 110V 16A to BS 4343.
Interface connector RS232 compatible with USB adaptor.
Complies with: LVD: BS EN 61010-1
Housing polycarbonate/ABS
Weight 4.75kg approx.
Dimensions 330 x 263 x 144mm
Includes TL66 removable earth bond lead, TL166 flash probe and TL150 110V adaptor, carry case and manual


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Class I /II Test
Lead TestWith accessory
Pass/Fail IndicationAuto Test inhibit on fail
Test Values Displayed
Selectable Limits
Test ModeAutoAutoAuto/Manual
Run Test
Earth Continuity Test Current200mA/8A/25A200mA/8A/25A200mA/25A
Insulation Test Voltage500V500V500V
110V Appliances
Flash test1.5kV/3kV1.5kV/3kV
Memory1000 results for download