Martindale SPC70 Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator

  • For verifying accuracy of sound level meters
  • Simple to use
  • 1kHz reference at 94dB and 114dB
  • Compatible with a wide range of meters
  • Complies with international standards

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The SPC70 is a Class 2 sound level calibrator suitable for periodic testing of sound level meters and verifying their accuracy before and after readings, in accordance with international standards.

The SPC70 is simple to use and provides a 1kHz reference at 94dB and 114dB. By inserting the microphone of your sound level meter into the aperture of the calibrator, accuracy can be checked and adjusted before and after use.

The output is accurate to 0.5dB with low levels of harmonic distortion.

The SPC70 is compatible with the Martindale SP79 Class 2 Sound Level Meter and other meters with microphones up to 25mm.


Output sound pressure levels 94dB and 14dB rel 20µPa under reference conditions
Output frequency 1000Hz ± 2%
Accuracy of sound pressure level ± 0.5dB
Supply 1 x 9V, PP3 alkaline battery (IEC 6LR61, NEDA 1604A)
Battery life 40 hours approx. (alkaline battery)
Dimensions 113 x 63 x 44mm
Weight 170g approx. including battery
Includes 1 x 9V battery, ½ inch microphone adaptor, carry case, manual