Martindale SPL82 Data Logger Sound Level Meter

  • Class 2 for Noise at Work compliance
  • Suitable for industrial and office locations
  • Digital and analogue display
  • Internal data logging of up to 64,000 records
  • USB interface
  • AC and DC outputs for recording devices

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The SPL82 is a handheld Class 2 sound level meter for on-site measurements in accordance with the Noise at Work legislation for industrial and office environments. It has a built-in logger for up to 64,000 records for monitoring and documenting noise levels.

For longer logging periods the SPL82 can be tripod mounted and externally powered. The meter features A and C frequency weighting, fast and slow time weighting and can be connected to external recording devices via the AC and DC outputs.

The SPL82 is supplied with the following accessories a micro USB cable, PC software on CD, windscreen and storage case.

Key features of the SPL82 Data Logger Sound Level Meter include:

  • Fast and slow time averaging
  • Min / Max values
  • Auto power off
  • AC and DC outputs for the connection of external instruments
  • A and C frequency weighting
  • USB PC interface with Windows software included.
  • 64,000 record data logging capacity
  • Measuring level range from 30 to 130dB
  • Frequency range from 20Hz to 8KHz
  • Tripod mounting
  • Conforms to BS EN 61672-1



Measurement range 30-130dB
Measurement rate 2/second
Analogue Output 20/second
Display 4 digit LCD
Resolution 0.1dB
Accuracy ± 1.4dB
Frequency weighting A and C
Frequency range 20Hz-8000Hz
Detector True-RMS with independent frequency weightings
Dynamic range 60dB
Time weighting SLOW & FAST
Microphone ½” electret condenser
Complies with BS EN 61672-1
Supply 6LR61/MN1604/PP3
Dimensions 264 x 63 x 29 mm
Includes windscreen, battery, case, PC software, USB cable and manual