Martindale VI-13800 Voltage Indicator

  • Industry standard voltage indicator
  • Replaces VI13700
  • Voltage range to 600V
  • GS38 and BS EN61243-3 compliant
  • Heavy duty double insulated leads
  • Bright LEDs
  • Polarity Indication

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The VI13800 is an essential tool for proving electrical circuits are dead before carrying out maintenance and installation work in accordance with safe isolation procedures. The VI13800 ensures safety through simplicity, with no ranges, switches or batteries, reducing the risk of an incorrect reading.

The VI13800 provides instant visual AC and DC voltage indication in four stages from 50V to 400V. The bright long life LED indicators give clear and immediate display of the voltage level range. It has retractable probes, heavy duty finger guards and a two layer double insulated cable with a white inner core to give clear indication of damage that might compromise the user’s safety.

The latest design complies with the new standard relating to 2 pole voltage indicator, BS EN61243-3 and the requirements of GS38 Edition 4 2015. The latest version of BS EN61243-3:2010 came fully in to force in May 2013 and all voltage indicators on the British & European market should comply. The VI13800 replaces the industry standard VI13700.

Based on the VI13700, the new design includes a high wattage resistor instead of a fuse that will limit the current in the event of damage to the cable in accordance with BS EN61243-3. The protection is built in where it’s needed, in the handheld probe assembly rather than just in the instrument providing superior protection for the user to other testers. The probes tips have retractable covers which can be locked in place and can’t get lost.
The Martindale VI13700 has been widely used for many years and as part of its design has always included a fuse in the probe to limit the current in the event of damage to the cable. Apart from the fuse/resistor enhancement in the probe everything else about the specification of the VI13800 is identical to the VI13700/2, including the contrasting inner cable sheath to quickly identify cable damage.In order to distinguish VI13700/2 from VI13800 the new model has the probe changed to all black instead of yellow. The probe is clearly marked “impedance protected” rather than showing a fuse rating. It is sealed and has no user replaceable parts.

There is no specific requirement to replace the VI13700 products which are in use. NB Proper proving procedures should always be used with any voltage indicator.

The new VI13800 is available to purchase on its own or as part of a kit, the VIPD138LOK, containing everything you need for on-site working. Kits includes a Martindale proving unit, combination carry case and locking off devices, enabling full compliance with health and safety recommendations for safe working which require voltage indicators to be proved before and after use and the point of isolation to be locked off with a caution notice.



Voltage range 50-600V AC/DC
LED Indication ± 50, 100, 200, 400V
AC/DC voltage detection automatic
Range detection automatic
Response time <0.1s
Frequency range DC, 1-400Hz
Test Current 3.5mA max at 600V AC/DC
Duty ratio 30s ON/240s OFF
Temperature range -10°C to + 55°C ≤ 85% RH
IP rating IP54
Supply from circuit under test
Weight 130g approx
Dimension 205 x 67 x 27mm
Complies with BS EN 61243-3



Class II double insulation


  • Martindale LOKKIT1 Comprehensive Lock Out Kit

    Includes 9 different locking devices for simple fitting to MCBs, RCBOs and fuse holders.
  • Martindale PD440 440V AC Proving Unit

    • Safely and simply proves the operation of voltage indicators and test lamps
    • Essential for implementing effective safe isolation procedures
    • 440V industry leading proving unit for all low and high impedance testers
    • Long battery life time with low battery indicator
    • Optional in-car & mains power supplies available
  • Martindale TC69 VIPD Soft Carry Case

    • Combination case for Voltage Indicators and Proving Devices
    • Dimensions 265mm x 100mm x 100mm
    • Heavy denier nylon construction


Self Powered
AC/DC Voltage Indication
Polarity Indication
50/100/200/400V Thresholds
50/120/230/400/690V Thresholds
Non Fused Protection
Retractable Probe Shrouds
SafetyCAT IV 600VCAT IV 1000V