Martindale PD440S-C 440V AC Proving Unit with kit Soft Carry Case (fits VI)

  • Proving Unit safely and simply proves the operation of voltage indicators and test lamps up to 440V
  • Integrates with your existing Voltage Indicator in a single kit
  • Essential for implementing effective safe isolation procedures
  • Robust construction provides long life and ensure safety

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Many users have bought Voltage Indicators without a suitable Proving Unit. As regulations become more prevalent and safer working practices are enforced, the use of a Proving Unit is highly recommended.

The PD440S-C offers the user the PD440S 440V AC Proving Unit and a suitable TC71 Soft Carry Case to put his existing Voltage Indicator in, bringing the two together so the proving device is always available and never forgotten or left behind. The robust construction of the Soft Carry Case offers protection from potential damage from sharp tools in the toolbox.

The PD440S-C is tailor-made for the latest generation of proving devices and allows the use of the Proving Unit without removal from the case. Recommended with the Martindale VI-13800 or VI-15000 Voltage Indicators.