Martindale LOKKITBASE, Basic Lock Out Kit

A basic lock out kit ideal for domestic installers working on smaller installations.

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This basic lock out kit is ideal for domestic installers, or those who don’t need the numerous locks included in the more expensive kits.

Supplied with three different MCB locks, catering for most standard MCBs, the Basic Martindale Lock Kit enables you to carry out safe isolation procedures correctly in accordance with Electrical Safety First Guidelines and the Health and Safety Executive Electricity at Work Regulations.

Electrical safety is paramount when performing 18th Edition and Part P installation testing. Every year electricians and maintenance staff suffer electric shocks and burn injuries, some of which are fatal. Implementing the correct safe isolation procedures will ensure the safety of electricians and maintenance teams working on electrical equipment and installations.

The full 6 item kit includes:

  • Padlock with unique key (PAD11R)
  • Yellow MCB lock, 10mm clip (LOK10)
  • Red MCB lock, 6mm clip (LOK11)
  • Yellow isolation lock (LOK2)
  • “Equipment Locked Out” tag which can be written on
  • Black marker pen (LOKMP)



Number of lock outs345
Padlock with unique key
Number of lock out tags11
Soft carry case



Safe isolation procedures & proper equipment save lives


A note on the importance of Safe Isolation