Martindale LOKKITGAS1 Gas Engineer Lock Out Kit

For gas service engineers. Four essential locking off devices for fused spurs and mcbs. Includes soft carry case.

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The LOKKITGAS1 enables gas service engineers to securely lock off circuits before carrying out work on appliances connected to the mains power supply. Locking off the supply is an essential step in safe isolation procedures as required by the Electricity at Work Regulations and Gas Safe Register Technical Bulletin TB118.

Electrical safety is paramount when servicing fixed wired appliances. Every year people suffer electric shock, burns and other injuries related to accidents from coming into contact with electricity, some of which are fatal. Implementing the correct safe isolation procedures ensures the safety of service and maintenance personnel when working on appliances and equipment connected to the mains supply.

The kit includes both miniature MCB locks and the LOKFS1 universal fused spur locking off device which provides a simple solution for safely isolating fixed wired appliances including cookers, boilers, hand dryers and water heaters. Once the fuse tray has been opened and the fuse removed, the LOKFS1 is secured in place using the screw heads of the existing facia plate and then locked off with a compatible padlock to prevent reinsertion of the fuse. The design has industry standard fixing centres and will accommodate flexible outlet cabling from the fused spur.

The full 8 piece kit includes:

  • 1 x Padlock with unique key (PAD11RD)
  • 1 x LOKFS1 Universal fused spur isolation lock (LOKFS1)
  • 1 x Yellow pushpin MCB lock, 10mm spacing (LOK10)
  • 1 x Red pushpin MCB lock, 8mm spacing (LOK11)
  • 1 x Black slim line isolation lock (LOK7)
  • 1 x “Equipment Locked Out” tag which can be written on (TAG4)
  • 1 x Black marker pen (LOKMP)
  • 1 x Soft carry case (TC55)



Safe isolation procedures & proper equipment save lives


A note on the importance of Safe Isolation