Martindale BZ701 Audible Socket Tester with Mains Polarity Check

  • Quick and Easy Indication
  • Indicates 28 different fault conditions
  • Super bright LED’s
  • Correct and Incorrect incoming supply polarity indication
  • Standby/Alert Mode

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The NEW BZ701 Socket and Polarity Tester is a further development in our Socket Tester range. It incorporates all standard BZ101 indications for both correct wirings as well as 28 different fault conditions.

The BZ701 can also check the polarity of the incoming supply via the Blue Polarity Touchpad on the front of the unit. Correct incoming supply polarity is indicated by the flashing green LED’s accompanied by the continuous buzzer.

Incorrect supply polarity will be indicated by the LED’s turning RED and a pulse tone on the buzzer. This will continue after the removal of the finger from the touchpad and confirming a need for further investigation.

The BZ701 has a standby mode which activates after 10 minutes. In this situation, the lights will extinguish and only the centre LED will flash AMBER. The tone will also sound every 5 seconds to alert the user.