Martindale FD650R Digital Fuse Finder Receiver

  • Increased accuracy with digital receiver
  • Two modes: auto and manual
  • Replacement receiver tool
  • Non-contact voltage indicator
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This product has been discontinued.


First-generation fuse finders (FD500 and FD550) featured a thumb-wheel to reduce sensitivity and locate the right fuse within a distribution board or consumer unit. This 2nd Generation sees fuse finding evolve into a digital process that eliminates much of the ambiguity from the fuse finding process.

By selecting the “auto” mode on the receiver, the user will pass the receiver of all fuses or breakers in the board. This will register a series of both strong and weak signals through each, indicated by the stack of LED indicators on the unit.
On the return pass, the intelligent digital receiver automatically forgets all signals that are weaker than the strongest signal previously detected and will indicate just one fuse or breaker using the 6-segment bank of LEDs.
At this point, the user can safely assume he has found the right breaker or fuse protecting the circuit.
Switching the receiver off and on again will return the unit to “manual” mode for more experienced users.
The FD650R also incorporates a non-contact voltage indicator accessed by switching to VAC on the front of the receiver.

With the digital receiver upgrade you will get two modes of operation:

  • Automatic Mode: Has memory & auto adjusting of sensitivity for foolproof identification
  • Manual Mode: Allows for rapid fuse finding using the bar graph





This product has been discontinued.

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