Martindale CM87 2000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter

  • True RMS AC current to 1500A
  • DC current to 2000A
  • True RMS AC voltage to 750V
  • DC voltage to 1000V
  • Resistance to 66MΩ
  • Continuity with audible indication
  • Duty cycle
  • Temperature
  • Capacitance, Frequency, diode test,
  • Display hold, max/min indication, auto power off
  • Relative function, display backlight

CAT IV 600V True RMS
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The CM87 is a high specification True RMS clamp meter, packed full of functions for the installation, testing and maintenance of domestic and industrial installations.

This robust clamp meter provides True RMS measurement of AC current up to 1500A and AC voltage to 750V. It will also measure DC current to 2000A and DC voltage to 1000V.

The CM87 shares all of the same features on the CM82/CM84 but has the added benefit of temperature measurement between -20°C to 1000°C and is supplied with a K-type thermocouple. It also has the same test functions you would expect to find on a high specification multimeter to make this a comprehensive testing solution for electricians, maintenance and service engineers.

Compatible with most of our K-type probes.



Current AC True RMS 0.1A to 1500A
Accuracy 2.0% rdg + 10 dgt (≤660A) 50-60Hz
Current DC 100mA to 2000A
Accuracy 2.0% + 5 dgt (≤660A)
Voltage AC true RMS 0.001V to 750V, autoranging
Accuracy 1.5% rdg + 8 dgt
Voltage DC 0.001V to 1000V autoranging (4 ranges)
Accuracy 0.5% rdg + 2 dgt
Resistance 660Ω, 6.6kΩ, 66kΩ, 660kΩ, 6.6MΩ, 66MΩ
Resolution 0.1Ω on 660Ω
Accuracy 1.0% rdg + 5 dgt to 660kΩ

2.0% rdg + 5 dgt on 6.6MΩ

3.5% rdg + 5 dgt on 66MΩ

Capacitance 0.001nF to 6.6mF (7 ranges)
Frequency 0.01Hz to 1MHz (6 ranges)
Temperature -20°C to 1000°C (-4°F to 1832°F)
Continuity buzz at <30Ω
Maximum conductor 55mm diameter or 70mm x 18mm bus bar
Features Diode test, Duty cycle
Dimensions 281 x 108 x 53mm
Weight 585g approx. incl battery
Includes TL16 leads, TC68 case, type K thermocouple, battery and manual



AC Current
DC Current
AC/DC Volts
Non-contact Voltage Detector
Auto ranging
Max Conductor Size55mm Ø
55mm Ø
85mm Ø
True RMS
Min Max
Auto Power Off
1mA resolution
SafetyCAT IV 600VCAT IV 600VCAT IV 600V