Safe Isolation Training Resources

Why electrical safety matters

There are around 1,000 serious accidents per year at work due to direct contact with electricity and 10 times as many involving electricity.

  • 16% of all fatalities from accidents at work are electricity related
  • The consequences for all involved are devastating
  • From 2016 penalties for health & safety violations got much tougher

New sentencing guidelines for Health & Safety offences – Feb 2016 and Nov 2018

  • Emphasis changed such that fines apply to putting employees at risk, not just accidents
  • Imprisonment more likely for directors, managers, employees
  • Higher fines up to £10M for large companies who have a high level of culpability

Share our wealth of experience in helping maintenance and installation teams stay safe:

  • Making it easy to choose the right equipment
  • Getting to grips with the procedures
  • Achieveing compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations
  • Staying safe on-site.

Get access to all these resources:

  • Article: Safe Isolation procedures and proper equipment save lives
  • Presentation: Electrical Safe Working – What you need to know
  • Video: Safe Isolation with Martindale VIPDLOK Kits presented by Dave Austin
  • Application note: Stiffer penalties for electricity at work violations
  • HSE News Release: Company fined £900k after worker suffers electric shock
  • Poster: Six steps to safe maintenance
  • Flow chart: Safe Isolation
  • Poster: Measurement categories explained
  • Catalogue: Total solutions for safe isolation
  • Discounted training: 1 day City & Guilds accredited training theory and practical

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