Martindale TEK904 Enhanced Decade Resistance Box

  • 7 Decade Resistance Box
  • Ranges from 1Ω to 11.1111MΩ.
  • Accuracy 1%
  • Suitable for Laboratory, Education and Calibration purposes

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The TEK904 Enhanced Decade Resistance Box is very reliable and versatile both in laboratory and field situations. Typical uses are in the education and calibration sectors.

The 7 decade, high-quality rotary switches include an extra decade at the bottom of the range which allows resistance from 1Ω to over 11MΩ to be set. This is a very comprehensive wide range for such a compact unit. With an accuracy of 1% and an extra terminal which also provides an accurate potential divider. Residual zero is less than 150mΩ.

Supplied with end brackets for wall or bench mounting which can be removed if not required.



Resistance 1% grade 0.6W per resistorvariable from 1Ω to 11.1111MΩ in 7 decades
Typical residual (zero) resistance <150mΩ
Temperature coefficient 50 ppm/°C
Operating environment 0°C to 50°C at <70% RH
Weight 536g approx.
Dimensions 345 x 71 x 51mm