Martindale TB118KIT1 Gas Engineer Electrical Safety Kit

Martindale TB118KIT1 includes all the essential test tools to keep gas service engineers safe and achieve compliance with the latest changes to Gas Safe Register Technical Bulletin TB118.

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In January 2018 Gas Safe Register Technical Bulletin 118 was amended. The changes require new test procedures to keep service engineers safe from electrical hazards. The new guidance requires verification of mains earthing and safe isolation of circuits.

Martindale TB118KIT1 includes all the essential test tools for gas safety engineers to achieve compliance. The new kit combines easy to use tools for live voltage indication and earth loop verification together with fused spur and mcb locking off devices in a high quality soft carry case.

The all in one kit includes the VIPD138 voltage indicator & proving unit, the EZ650 earth loop and polarity checker for socket and spur testing and the LOKKITGAS1 which enables gas service engineers to securely lock off circuits before carrying out work on appliances connected to the mains power supply. Locking off the supply is an essential step in safe isolation procedures as required by the Electricity at Work Regulations and Gas Safe Register Technical Bulletin TB118.

In the latest update to TB118 it describes how it’s important to demonstrate the effectiveness of the earthing for Class 1 equipment before carrying out any work. This is recognised as a safety requirement for most service teams working on the installation and maintenance of mains appliances. The approach adopted by many organisations including those installing white goods is to use what is classified as an ‘Advanced Socket Tester’. This type of device has been defined by the Health & Safety Executive as being capable of displaying the range of numerical values into which the earth fault loop impedance falls in addition to basic polarity testing. The EZ650 is an advanced socket tester that is easy to use and includes test leads for connection to spurs as well as sockets for this application.




Safe isolation procedures & proper equipment save lives


A note on the importance of Safe Isolation