Martindale RC2000 RCD Tester with 6mA Range

  • Tests RCDs up to 500mA
  • 1/2x, 1x & 5x tests
  • 0° & 180° testing
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Martindale ET4000 Rechargeable Multifunction tester


A fast and easy way to test RCDs from 6mA to 500mA. The RCD rating (I∆n) is set using the rotary switch and three different test current modes are available (1/2, Full & Fast Test) at either 0° or 180° (positive/negative cycle).

There are 6 different RCD rating (I∆n) test options which unlike most multi-function testers, will cover all common RCDs.

The RC2000 is supplied with mains test lead, manual, batteries and soft carry case.

This supercedes the Metrohm 16R240A


Supply voltage < 240 Volts AC, 50/60Hz
RCD ratings (I∆n) < 6mA, 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA and 500mA
Half trip settings (½xI∆n) < 3mA, 5mA, 15mA, 50mA, 150mA and 250mA
Fast trip settings < 150mA (for I∆n=6, 10 and 30mA only)
Test polarity < 0° and 180°
Accuracy < ± 3% at 240V AC supply voltage rising linearly to ± 9% at ± 6% of 240V supply voltage
Timing range < 0-1999ms (resolution of 1ms)
Timing accuracy <± 2% of rdg ± 1 dgt
Duration of test current ½: 2 seconds

I: 0.5 or 2 seconds selectable

FAST: 0.05 seconds

Weight < 350g approx.
Dimensions < 190 x 90 x 54mm
Includes < TC57 carry case, TL205 mains test lead and manual






This product has been discontinued.

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