Martindale LOK7 Slimline Black Isolation Lock

Slimline MCB lock out, ideal for where access is limited by breaker test buttons or where there is limited clearance around the device

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The essential test tools and equipment needed to implement a safe isolation procedure in accordance with Electricity at Work regulations are a dedicated voltage indicator, a proving unit to verify the voltage indicator, a locking off device which can be secured in place using a padlock with unique key and a clear method of labelling the hazard.

The Martindale LOK devices have been designed to fit a wide range of MCBs, RCBOs, fuse carriers and main switches and are compatible with Martindale PAD11 and PAD21 Series padlocks and TAG sets. The LOK series are available with different openings and include pushpin and grub screw designs in a range of different sizes to match most breaker configurations and applications even access is restricted.

The slimline LOK7 is less than half the width of a standard MCB lock and around 30% shorter. The reduced dimensions make it ideal for use where clearance around the breaker is limited. The slimline design is particularly well suited to breakers where the position of the test button may prevent the use of conventional lock outs or access is restricted.

To cover every eventuality, the complete range of Martindale safe isolation lock out devices and accessories are available in the Martindale LOKKITPRO which includes a soft carry case.