Martindale IN2102 Insulation & Continuity Tester 250V, 500V, 1000V

  • Insulation Resistance to 5000MΩ
  • Test lock and auto discharge
  • Analogue Arc
  • Audible 200mA Continuity Test
  • Resistance to 1999kΩ
  • Backlight, auto hold and auto zero
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This product has been discontinued. You may be interested in:

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The IN2102 includes additional test voltages for testing at 250V, 500V and 1000V and has extended insulation resistance ranges up to 5GΩ.

The tester features a large, clear, backlit LCD display for testing in poorly lit locations and provides both digital and analogue readings. There is a large rotary switch and easily accessible buttons for selection of the required test function, even when wearing gloves.

In common with all models in the IN2100 Series, insulation test features include auto-discharge,an insulation test lock and auto-hold function to capture completed readings on the display. For continuity testing there is an auto-null function for lead resistance compensation and when working in office
environments, it’s possible to disable the buzzer to avoid causing a disturbance.

There is an internal battery check facility and the advanced display also indicates the test voltage output by the instrument. There is an auto power off function to extend battery life which can be disabled if required.



Range 0.1MΩ to 5000MΩ
Short circuit current <1.5mA
Accuracy ± (3% rdg + 5 dgt)
Range 0.01Ω to 40Ω
Resolution 0.01Ω
Short circuit current >200mA
Accuracy ± (3% rdg + 5 dgt)
Range 0.1Ω-1999kΩ
Accuracy ± (3% rdg + 5 dgt)
Range 600V AC/DC
Voltage warning indicator >30V
Accuracy ± (3% rdg + 5 dgt)
Features Backlight, autohold, auto zero, APO disable
Dimensions 90 x 210 x 54mm
Complies with BS EN 61557 & BS 7671and BS EN 61010-1 CAT III 600V
Includes Batteries, TC57 carry case, TL47 test leads and manual



250V Insulation test
500V Insulation test
1000V Insulation test
Insulation Test Lock
200mA Continuity Test
Auto Lead Null
Buzzer Mute
Auto Hold
Auto Power Off
Live Voltage Detection
Safety ratingCAT III 600VCAT III 600V





This product has been discontinued.

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