Martindale HPAT600KIT1 Complete PAT Testing Kit

  • HPAT600/2 rechargeable PAT tester
  • Pass and Fail labels
  • PAT register book
  • Mains socket wiring tester
  • Non-contact live voltage indicator
  • Professional carry case

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The HPAT600KIT1 advanced PAT testing kit offers great value, makes it easy to choose what you need and provides a complete solution for PAT testing where ever you are working. In addition to the normal delivery contents of the HPAT600, the comprehensive kit comes with pass and fail labels, a record book, a useful key fob null pin and in-car charger.

In addition, it includes the industry standard CP501 mains socket tester and the NC2 non-contact voltage indicator for detecting live voltages, all contained in a professional soft carry case.

HPAT600KIT1 includes:

  • HPAT600 Advanced rechargeable PAT tester
  • CP501 Check Plug for mains socket testing
  • NC2 Non-contact voltage tester
  • 500 Pass labels (LAB1)
  • 100 Fail labels (FAIL1)
  • PAT Register book for record keeping (PATREG)
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 230V Extension lead adaptor (EX332)
  • Earth bond probe & crocodile clip (TL67)
  • Mains charger (PSUHPAT230)
  • In-car charger (PSUHPAT12)
  • Null pin on key fob (TL178)
  • Padded soft carry case and strap (TC88)



The full kit includes:
HPAT600 PAT Tester
CP501 Classic check plug
NC2 Non-contact voltage tester
LAB1 Pass labels (500)
FAIL1 Fail labels (100)
PATREG PAT register booklet
EX332 230V lead adaptor
PSUHPAT230 Mains charger
TL178 Null pin on key fob
PSUHPAT12 In-car charger


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