Drummond Fused G Clamp for bus bar connection

  • Fused at point of contact
  • No need for tools
  • Spring loaded contact pin and locking ring
  • 4mm socket termination
  • Colour coded for phase identification
  • Available in kits

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The Drummond G Clamp makes connecting to bus bars straight forward. The clamp-on design eliminates the need to drill bus bars and makes for a much safer, reliable connection via a standard 4 mm socket. The G Clamp can be tightened by hand when wearing PPE gloves, eliminating the need to use tools in the bus bar chamber.

Ideal for connecting power monitoring and measuring equipment, the new colour coded clamps make phase identification easy. The insulated materials reduce the hazard to the operator and the spring loaded contact pin and locking ring ensure reliable results throughout extended logging periods.
The standard fused version is supplied with a replaceable 0.5A fuse within the clamping screw providing protection at the source and is available in Brown, Black and Grey.

Unfused versions also available in Brown, Black, Grey and Blue.

Available individually and in 3 phase connection kit sets including a blue unfused G clamp for the neutral connection. The smaller barrel of the unfused design requires 25mm less clearance in front of the bus bar.

Individual G clamps
DRUGCLAMP/F0.5/BK (Fused 0.5A Black)
DRUGCLAMP/F0.5/BR (Fused 0.5A Brown)
DRUGCLAMP/F0.5/GY (Fused 0.5A Grey)
DRUGCLAMP/BL (Unfused Blue)

Connection Kit 1
GCK/F/KIT1 Set of four G Clamps, black, brown, grey fused and blue unfused.

Connection Kit 2
GCK/F/KIT2 Set of four G clamps black, brown, grey fused and blue unfused with 4m heavy duty colour coded CATIV test leads. The leads are terminated with 45 degree 4mm safety plugs at both ends.

Risk assessment is required before installation.