Safely Lock out the electrical source with Martindale’s range of Lock-off Kits !

To ensure the safety of workers when cleaning, servicing or repairing electrical equipment, Martindale Electric offers a choice of professional lock off kits, designed to ensure the safe isolation of an electrical circuit and prevent the supply being inadvertently turned on.

The Lock Off Kit 1 is a comprehensive 14 piece kit compatible with most circuit breakers. Supplied with a padlock with its own unique key, the kit also features a safety hasp that enables multiple users to lock off with space for up to 6 additional padlocks; if more than one maintenance worker is involved with the work, each of them should lock off the power with their own individual padlock to prevent the power being turned on accidentally by a co worker.

For additional safety Martindale also offers the VIPDLOK, which is a professional 16 piece kit including the VI13700 Voltage Indicator and the PD440 Proving Device so the circuit can be proved dead.

Offering rapid indication of the circuit voltage rating, the VI13700 Contact Voltage Indicator safely checks voltages from between 50V to 600V AC/DC. The long life, LED indicators give a clear and fast indication of the voltage level range whilst finger guards prevent slipping on to live circuits. Double insulated test leads provide added protection with the return lead incorporating an HRC fuse.

The Martindale PD440 Proving Device produces 440V AC/DC to enable the contact voltage indicator provided with the isolation kit to be fully checked (the PD440 can also check Drummond test lamps and other filament lamps as its output is sufficient to illuminate the bulb).

Martindale’s range of universal lock off kits can be simply set up in a matter of seconds; it’s those few seconds that could mean the difference between life and death.