Martindale VT3 Non Contact Voltage & Magnetic Field Indicator

  • Detects voltage from 200 – 1000V AC
  • Red light illuminates on detection of voltage
  • Detects magnetic fields >10mT
  • Green light illuminates for magnetic field detection
  • Audible indication on detection of voltage
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Martindale NC3 Non-contact Voltage and Magnetic Field Tester


The VT3 is a non-contact voltage and magnetic tester for accurately detecting the presence of AC voltages between 200V and1000V. When voltages are detected, it will automatically illuminate its tip with a bright red LED, giving quick and clear audible and visual indication.

In addition to its voltage detection capabilities, it shows the presence of a magnetic field by illuminating a green LED in the tip section.

Dimensions are 170mm in length, 19mm in diameter.





This product has been discontinued.

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