Martindale PAD20R Padlock Insulated Shackle (red)

  • Red padlock body width – 38mm
  • Vertical shackle clearance – 38mm
  • 6mm insulated nylon shackle
  • Includes warning labels and unique key.
  • Unique safety lockout key with serial number
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This product has been discontinued. You may be interested in:

Martindale PAD21 Red Padlock


The PAD20R is a Red Plastic bodied padlock with a 6mm strong insulated shackle.

Designed for use with Martindale lockout devices and compatible with most other safety lockout products. The lock is supplied with a single key under Safe Isolation Recommendations. The Key carries a unique serial number for traceability.

Each padlock is supplied with two sets of self-adhesive warning labels indicating ‘Do Not Remove Locked Out’ and ‘Property Of:’ for completion by the user.

This product has been discontinued.

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