Metrohm E1622 Milliohm Meter
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Metrohm E1622 Milliohm Meter

Metrohm E1622 Milliohm Meter
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Martindale Part No: METE1622

The Metrohm E1622 Milliohm meter uses a four wire system to ensure accurate low resistance measurements. Applications fall into two main areas.

Firstly the testing of electrical bonding in areas as diverse as mines, aircrafts, ships, railways and domestic and industrial electrical installations.

Secondly the measurement of electrical resistance in areas such as the winding resistance of motors, generators and transformers. Other low resistance measurement applications include ring main continuity and the resistance of electronic components such as PCB tracks, switches and relays.


Measuring Ranges:

  • 0-200mΩ in steps of 100Ω
  • 0-2000mΩ in steps of 1mΩ
  • 0-20Ω in steps of 10mΩ
  • 0-200Ω in steps of 100mΩ
  • 0-2000Ω in steps of 1Ω


  • 0.5% of reading 2 digits over the operating temperature range
  • (-15C to +55 C) with the supplied test leads.

Test Current:

  • 2000Ω range - 1mA
  • 200/20Ω ranges - 10mA
  • 2000mΩ/200mΩ ranges - 100mA


  • 1%

Protection fuses:

  • 0.5A 5x20mm DIN


  • 110mm x 250mm x 190mm
  • Weight 1.563 kg

Safety Standards:

  • EN 61010-1
  • EN 61326-1
  • EN 61326-2-1
  • EN 61326-2-2


  • Indoor use
  • Pollution Degree 2
  • Altitude up to 2000 meters
  • Relative Humidity 80% max
  • Ambient temperature 0 40C
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