Martindale VT25/PD Voltage Indicator & Proving Unit Kit
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Martindale VT25/PD Voltage Indicator & Proving Unit Kit

Martindale VT25/PD Voltage Indicator & Proving Unit Kit
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Martindale Part No: MARVT25/PD

Safe isolation procedures state that voltage indicators should be proved against a known source both before and after use. As the UK market leader in voltage indication, Martindale supplies a kit with both the VT25 and proving unit, this is all housed in a TC70 carry case with a neck strap, making it easy to carry and use the equipment on site.

The VT25 is a two pole LED voltage indicator for use on AC or DC systems, displaying voltages from 12V to 690V. Additional functions of this model include audible and optical continuity, phase rotation and a single pole phase test. Safety features include a built-in torch, for working in darker areas and also two layers of insulation on the cable. The inner layer is a contrasting colour to the outer, making it easy to see if there has been any damage to the cable.

The proving unit with this kit is the Martindale PD690. This will light up all the LEDs on the indicator, enabling you to ensure your indicator is working correctly. The proving unit also features a low battery indicator, so you know when the batteries need replacing, thus ensuring your proving device is always working correctly.

Please click the links below to download the application notes in pdf format.

Safe Isolation Procedures & Proper Equipment Save Lives

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