Martindale IR90 Combined IR / K-Type Thermometer
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Martindale IR90 Combined IR / K-Type

Martindale IR90 Combined IR / K-Type
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Martindale IR90 Combined IR / K-Type
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Martindale Part No: MARIR90

The Martindale IR90 combines an infrared thermometer and a contact thermometer in one. The infrared thermometer features a laser marker, to enable more accurate spot measurements, and the clear LCD display will show temperature readings in both C & F.

A limit function allows you to set an upper and lower temperature threshold, sounding an alarm if the limits are exceeded. An optional "auto power off" feature also conserves battery life. Emissivity values can also be adjusted to compensate for measurement of different surfaces.

The contact thermometer uses a K-Type thermocouple, and can be used with any K-Type probe.

Each IR90 is supplied with battery, bead type probe and instruction manual.

IR Range
  • -20C to 550C / -4F to 1022F
    • Resolution

      • 0.5C / 1C Auto, 1F


      • +/- 2% of reading or +/- 3C / 6F whichever is greater

      Response Time

      • 1 Second


      • 0.10 to 1.00 in 0.01 steps

      K-Type Input: -200C to 1372C / -328F to 1999F

      • +/- 0.1% reading + 1C at -50C to 1372C
      • +/- 0.1% reading + 2C at -50C to -200C
      • +/- 0.1% reading + 2F at -58F to 1999F
      • +/- 0.1% reading + 2C at -58F to -328F


      • 9V battery (PP3, MN1604)


      • 170 x 65.5 x 35mm


      • 195g approx

      Supplied with

      • Battery & instruction manual
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