Martindale HPAT500 PAT Tester
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Martindale HPAT500 Basic PAT Tester

Martindale HPAT500 Basic PAT Tester
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Martindale HPAT500 Basic PAT Tester
Martindale HPAT500 Basic PAT Tester
Martindale HPAT500 Basic PAT Tester
Martindale HPAT500 Basic PAT Tester
Martindale HPAT500 Basic PAT Tester
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Martindale Part No: MARHPAT500

The HPAT500 is an easy to use battery powered, hand held PAT tester with simple one-button test selection. Its lightweight portable design makes it ideal for testing in all locations whether under a desk or testing a wall mounted monitor. The tester comes with rechargeable batteries and mains charger for low cost of ownership and can even be used whilst recharging ensuring no downtime.

A single button press activates either a full Class I, Class II or lead test without any further interaction required by the user, unless a failure is encountered. The display has clear PASS / FAIL indicators and shows all test results on screen. Simple connection diagrams are permanently shown on the case body making it easy to start testing straight away.

HPAT500 delivery contents include an extension lead adaptor, an earth bond probe with clip, a mains charger, 6xAA rechargeable batteries and a "test & GO" carry case with separate pocket for accessories.

A comprehensive range of optional adaptor leads are available enabling 110V appliance testing and testing of equipment terminated with 3 phase plugs.

  • Simple one button testing
  • Automatic Class I, Class II & power lead tests
  • Displays measured values with PASS/FAIL indication
  • I.T. safe 200mA DC earth bond test with two pass levels
  • Tests both 240V and 110V appliances
  • Mains rechargeable with in-car option
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    Earth Bond Test (IT Safe)
    • Test Current: 200mA DC
    • Test Voltage: 4V DC
    • Default Pass Value: 0.1Ω
    • Secondary Pass Value: 0.2Ω

    Insulation Resistance

    • Test Voltage: >500V DC at 1mA
    • Display Range: 0.20Megohm - 19.99Megohm
    • Pass Value: 1Megohm Class I, 2Megohm Class II

    IEC & Extension Lead Test

    • Earth Continuity: 200mA DC
    • Insulation Test: 500V DC
    • Wiring Test: Live, Neutral Continuity& Polarity

    Fuse Test

    • Test Voltage: 4V DC
    • Test Current: 200mA DC
    • Pass Level: >2mA

    How do I test 3 Phase appliances?
    You need to use our 3-Phase adaptor leads that allow a single phase PAT tester to carry out safety tests on 3-Phase appliances. Only the basic tests can be performed, i.e. earth bond and insulation tests. Obviously it is not possible to carry out the RUN tests with a single phase PAT tester.

    The adaptors you require are as follows:

  • Part number MARTL151: 16A, 4 Pin adaptor
  • Part number MARTL152: 16A, 5 Pin adaptor
  • Part number MARTL153: 32A, 4 Pin adaptor
  • Part number MARTL154: 32A, 5 Pin adaptor
  • It is also advisable to purchase a copy of the IEE Code of Practice, if you haven't already done so.

    Please click the links below to download the application notes in pdf format.

    HPAT500 Earth Lead Null

    Common PAT testing errors

    How to choose the right PAT

    Where can I get my instruments calibrated?

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