Martindale BZ101 Socket Tester With Buzzer
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Martindale BZ101 (Buzz-It) 240V Socket Tester with Audible Buzzer

Martindale BZ101 (Buzz-It) 240V Socket Tester with Audible Buzzer
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Martindale BZ101 (Buzz-It) 240V Socket Tester with Audible Buzzer
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Martindale Part No: MARBZ101

The BZ101 provides a fast and simple solution for checking that 13A sockets are wired correctly. It uses the same LED indication as the CP501 but has the added benefit of an audible sounder to confirm that the wiring is correct.

This is particularly useful when checking sockets that are not easily visible or in difficult to access locations.

With the audible indication, the Buzz-It can also be used as a basic fuse finder, when the correct fuse is pulled the buzzer stops.

Detects 28 fault conditions

CAT II 300V 

Mains Supply
  • 200 - 250V (30-70Hz)

Power Consumption

  • <1.5W

Temperature Range

  • -10C to 40C, 60% RH (max)

Earth Leakage

  • <5mA


  • CAT II, 300V


  • Flame retardant ABS


  • 65 x 65 x 47mm

Will socket testers spot all mains wiring faults?
No, they cannot tell if the earth and neutral wires are reversed and most conventional testers can only tell if the earth is disconnected.

Please click the links below to download the application notes in pdf format.

Socket testing safety

Socket Testers Best Practice Guide 8

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