If you're working with electricity, Martindale helps keep you safe.

Safe Isolation Saves Lives

We are the UK market leader in Voltage Indication & Proving Units for Electrical Safety

Outperform the rest with the CM series

CM69 measures up to 18th Edition leakage current limits

Electrical safety is fundamental to us at Martindale. As leaders in Safe Isolation, we offer the most comprehensive electrical test equipment solutions to support your needs.

A.L.I.V.E – 5 steps to safe isolation

Martindale’s memorable, compliant safe isolation procedure to help reduce the number of electricity-related injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

PAT testing made simple

We know how important effective PAT testing is, which is why we have developed simple solutions to electrical safety compliance, product selection guides and useful resources.
Safe Isolation –  5 key questions

Safe Isolation – 5 key questions

Safe isolation procedures and using the correct equipment can help prevent workers being exposed to danger when working on or near live electrical systems. Failure to use correct procedures could result in a circuit inadvertently remaining live, potentially resulting...

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Safely choosing the right socket tester

Socket outlet testers (socket testers) have become very popular with electricians and contractors, but it is extremely important to understand the limitations of this type of testing and the differences between the many types...

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