“Electrical Safety at Work: Safe Isolation” is a brand-new short-form catalogue from Martindale, the market leader in electrical safe isolation. The 44-page catalogue contains a complete range of products specifically designed to execute safe isolation procedures.

Implementing safe isolation is essential to achieve compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations, which are there to ensure that workers on site are not exposed to danger when working on or near live electrical systems.  The new Martindale catalogue helps you select the right tools for the job: the key components critical to implementing an effective procedure to stay safe during the installation and maintenance of electrical plant and equipment.

From an individual electrician working on a domestic installation to a maintenance team working on an industrial site, Martindale offer solutions with a wide portfolio of safety products available either as individual items or within a handy kit. The range includes lock off devices and warning signs, proving units, voltage indicators/testers and many accessories, all detailed in the catalogue.

Industry-focused kits are also included, designed to contain everything needed for specific customer safety requirements. These include kits for general electrical work, utility applications, domestic installation or to enable gas service engineers to securely lock off circuits.

The new catalogue can be downloaded by using the link below: