Smart meters are the fairly new generation of gas and electric meters, which will replace traditional meters in our homes. Smart meters take regular readings and share these wirelessly, through a secure network, with your energy supplier.

Currently, there are over 21.5 million smart and advanced meters operating, in homes and small businesses across Britain. And more than 80% of these people with smart meters say they have taken steps to reduce their energy use. According to the government’s Smart Meter Implementation Programme (Smart Meter Report 2018) by 2030 smart meters will take an estimated £1.2 billion off consumer’s bills every year.

With the rise of smart meters, installation will also need to take place, which is where Martindale comes in handy, with our specialist test equipment for smart meter installation. It is the complete solution to enable safe working practices during the installation of smart meters.

The comprehensive SMKIT10 kit includes:

  • 1x BZ101 – Buzz-It check plug with sounder for UK 13A sockets
  • 1x TEK101 – Non-contact voltage indicator with integrated self-test function
  • 1x VT7 – single pole contact voltage tester suitable for use when wearing PPE
  • 1x MTL10 – Drummond AC/DC test lamp 600V CAT IV
  • 1x PD440 – Proving device
  • 1x TC69 – Combination soft carry case

Whereas the SMKIT20 includes 1x MTL20 – Drummond AC/DC Dual impedance test lamp 600V CAT IV instead of the MTL10.

If you want to know how to determine what equipment you need for your rating, please view our measurement category diagram. And for further in-depth information on these products, read about them here.


Paul Wilson

UK & Ireland sales manager