Getting the phase sequence wrong can have devastating consequences for plant and machinery with serious implication for machine safety.

From motors running backwards through to cooling or lubrication systems underperforming, one wrong connection can lead to a major maintenance headache.

PSI 4000 non-contact 3-phase tester

Martindale have several solutions for safe and simple measurement of phase rotation, from dedicated non-contact meters through to the fall back of a VT28 two pole tester.

PSI 4000 non-contact 3-phase tester

Checking for the correct phase sequence is easy, find out more with Dave Austin in our latest video release:

See our product pages for full details of the Martindale solutions.

Dedicated phase rotation testers:

  • Martindale PSI4000
  • Martindale PSI4300
  • Martindale PC15250
  • Other models that can measure phase rotation:

  • Martindale ET4000
  • Martindale ET4500
  • Martindale VT25
  • Martindale VT28