When it comes to safe maintenance, reliably proving circuits are dead and locked off is key to implementing safe working practices. The Martindale VI Series provide the most trusted solution to live voltage indication with no batteries, ranges or switches and a heavy duty CAT IV design.

The VI13800 provides instant visual AC and DC voltage indication in four stages from 50V to 400V. The bright LED indicators give clear and immediate display of the voltage level range. It has
retractable probes, heavy duty finger guards and a two layer double insulated cable with a white inner core to give clear indication of damage that might compromise the user’s safety.

The VI-15000 extends Martindale’s range of indicators into higher voltage applications with a 1000V CAT IV safety rating and LED indication for AC/DC voltages from 50V to 690V making it suitable for safe working in all BS EN 61010 installation categories. It’s the simplest and most reliable way to ensure circuits have been de-energised and properly isolated prior to maintenance and modifications.

Bright LEDs clearly identify the voltage present in five levels with thresholds up to 690V. The indicator, which requires no batteries, will identify both AC and DC sources and show polarity. In common with the VI13800, the heavy duty, double insulated cable, large finger guard and lockable prod sheaths make this the safest, most durable and reliable instrument of its type.

Both models comply with the latest standard for voltage detectors, BS EN 61243-3 2014. The standard prohibits the use of fuses in 2 pole voltage indicators, so the new model have the fuse replaced by a high wattage resistor in the probe that will limit the current at the point of contact in the event of damage to the cable.

The VI Series are also available in kits with matching proving units and a full range of locking off devices for every job.

Martindale VIPDLOKPRO150 complete safe isolation kit

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