It’s now quick and easy to verify the performance of new LED installations. Recognising the increasing demand for LED lighting systems, Martindale Electric have released the LM195 LED Light Meter. The high quality light meter has built in correction factors for LED light sources and delivers fast, reliable readings.

For those looking for a more basic model of light meter that won’t break the bank, then the LM192 Light Meter would be the perfect choice. This affordable light meter is a great choice for those who want a light meter at a lower price but doesn’t compromise on quality. The LM192 is built with quality in mind and is durable, reliable and accurate.

What environments are they suitable for?

The Martindale LM195 light meter is suitable for LED, fluorescent and incandescent lighting and is ideal for ensuring regulatory compliance and adequate performance of new and existing lighting systems in both industrial and commercial environments.

The Martindale LM192 light meter is best suited for office and commercial lighting and is ideally suited to ensuring that these buildings have lighting that achieves the required levels for a healthy working environment.


Both the LM195 and the LM192 provide accurate readings up to 200,000 lux with a maximum resolution of 0.1 lux in the 200 lux range.

The sensors on these light meters can be rotated to cater for oblique angles of lighting and detached completely for easy access to any source making it easy to take accurate and reliable measurements in all types of application.

Key features

Suitable for both the commissioning of new installations and checking the performance of existing lighting installations, the new LM195 can be used to ensure correct lighting levels which meet the required levels for a safe and healthy working environment.

The LM192 light meter is suitable for use on different types of lighting with manual compensation. This general purpose light meter can be used to achieve optimum results through the high performance detachable sensor.

Able to operate for approximately 80 hours on one set of AA batteries, both new models feature an intuitive layout and include Min/Max, Hold and auto power off functions.

Encased in rugged housing, both the LM192 and LM195 from Martindale Electric, are supplied with alkaline batteries, carry case and Martindale’s comprehensive two year guarantee.