Proving dead is an essential part of all safe isolation processes. The latest Drummond test lamps from Martindale Electric make this safer and easy to achieve in all environments, even where access is difficult or bright sunlight prohibits the use of conventional voltage indicators.

Probably the most significant development has been the move to high intensity LEDs, enabling the display of discrete voltages over a 360° viewing angle, even in bright sunlight for the most difficult of applications. The visibility from all angles is unique when compared to conventional two pole testers. The interchangeable straight and right angle probes solve the problem of difficult access and make for safe and simple voltage measurements in all applications.

The new generation retain all the existing benefits of the original test lamp with none of the drawbacks. The lighter and tougher designs operate without batteries, ranges or switches, making the Drummond MTL10 the most flexible and simplest way to prove dead before carrying out electrical maintenance.

With 4 distinctive bands of LED illumination, gone are the days of using lamp brightness as an indication of voltage level. The latest Drummond Test Lamps provide safe indication for voltages above 50, 100, 200 and 400 volts. The voltage levels allow accurate identification of potentially lethal voltages and enable electrical professionals to distinguish between 110V, 230V and phase to phase voltages in a 3 phase system.

Available to purchase separately, or as part of a kit, the MTL10PD and MTL20PD include a proving unit and a combination carry case to ensure that electrical professionals always have the correct equipment to hand to implement safe isolation procedures before carrying out maintenance or installation work. A full range of test probes from 3cm to 13cm long are available for demanding applications.