When properly specified, socket testers provide a fast and effective solution to identify potentially unsafe installations and wiring faults.

They can be particularly useful as a service tool for identifying potentially unsafe conditions prior to installing new plant and equipment. Clearly socket testers are not an alternative to the full verification of wiring installations, however as a first line indicator they are an essential tool for all maintenance teams.

Single Phase Industrial Socket Testers

The CP Series of industrial socket testers from Martindale includes both 230V and 110V models.

Martindale CP201 230V single phase industrial socket tester

The Martindale CP201 is an industrial version of the classic check plug, fitted with a 250V 16A plug (BS 4343 / IEC309) and capable of identifying 28 fault conditions.

Wiring faults are instantly indicated by one or more of the LEDs failing to illuminate, with the pattern of lit LEDs indicating the type of fault detected. There is a look up chart on the tester for quick fault diagnosis.

Martindale CP301 110V single phase industrial socket tester

The Martindale CP301 is suitable for checking industrial sockets on 110V centre tapped circuits. It is fitted with a yellow 110V 16A CT plug to BS 4343/IEC309 and uses 3 bright LEDs to provide fail-safe fault indication with an on-tester look up chart for fast and simple fault diagnosis.

Fault indications include Line 1, Line 2 and centre tap faults, plus Line 1 or 2 centre tap reversal.

Three Phase Industrial Socket Testers

Martindale PC105 five pin 3 phase socket tester

The PC104 and PC105 from Martindale test 3 phase sockets and confirm the phase rotation sequence. They can be used for instantly checking sockets in factories and commercial installations for potential wiring faults prior to the connection and maintenance of plant and equipment. Bright LEDs clearly indicate any faults with a simple look up chart on the tester for quick fault diagnosis.

  • Up to 7 wiring condition checks
  • Phase Sequence Indication
  • Neutral/Earth check
  • Bright LED indication
  • 2 year warranty
  • 16A, 32A and 63A models
  • The range of 3 Phase Industrial Socket Testers cover 4 and 5 pin socket configurations and 16, 32 and 63 amp versions are available. The testers are enclosed in a tough rubber holster to withstand the roughest of on-site environments.

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