Unfortunately there have been many reports where failure to comply has resulted in the needless loss of life and substantial fines for contractors who have failed to follow the guidelines of the Electricity at Work Regulations and provide the necessary equipment to isolate circuits and prove dead
The essential test tools and equipment needed are a dedicated voltage indicator, a proving unit to verify the voltage indicator, locking off devices with unique keys and a clear method of labelling the hazard.

Martindale electric leaders in safe isolation, have simplified selecting the right tools by offering complete solutions in their VIPDLOK138 and VIPDLOK150 kits. The kits include the industry standard VI13800 and the new VI-15000 voltage indicators with reference proving units, locking off devices and hazard warning labels.

The voltage indicators don’t require batteries and are dedicated to measuring voltage only, avoiding potential errors from using a tester on the wrong setting. The two kits cover working voltages up to 600V or 1000V and exceed the safety requirements of the latest standards.

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