Martindale Electric is pleased to announce the launch of its new ET Series of Multifunctional Electrical Installation Testers, which have been designed to meet the requirements contained within the latest Amendment 3 changes to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations effective from January 2015.

Designed to verify the safety of electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial installations, the new ET4000 and ET4500 testers simplify 17th Edition testing by having the latest third amendment loop impedance limits built-in together with red and green LED indicators providing instant pass/fail confirmation for all main test functions.

On connection the new ET Series Testers carry out an automatic polarity and wiring check, identifying potentially dangerous wiring faults in advance of any testing. Both ET4000 and ET4500 feature auto RCD test functions which can cycle through all the required tests and clearly display all 4 sets of results in one go and on one screen, reducing errors and speeding up the job. This is particularly useful with the increasing use of RCDs following the changes in amendment 3. The two testers feature True RMS (TRMS) voltage measurement, ensuring that the supply voltage can always be measured accurately and is within the Cmin limits defined in amendment 3 and include phase sequence indication.

The ET4500 tester can also be used to carry out 3 wire earth testing and has onboard memory to store and download all installation test results for documentation, making it future proof for all potential applications. Both the ET4000 and the ET4500 are supplied with low loss AA rechargeable batteries which can be easily recharged on site with a mains adapter or optional in car charger.

Both the ET4000 and ET45000 come complete with a full range of Martindale accessories in a soft ‘Test and Go’ carry case, allowing leads to be connected and testing to be carried out without having to remove the tester from the case saving time and trouble unpacking and repacking on-site. Martindale test leads include clips, prods and mains plug, all terminated with industry standard 4mm plugs. The slim line Martindale remote start probe is included as standard, allowing one handed measurement, in those areas that are hard to reach.

Designed to save time and get up to speed with changes to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, the new multifunctional testers form part of a complete range, for electrical, installation testing and safe isolation available from Martindale Electric.