The January Amendment 3 changes to the 17th Edition Wiring regulations mean changes to the certificates for electrical installation verification and effect both pre-printed pads and software based forms.

New certification pads from Martindale incorporate the changes and offer a simple approach to understanding which certificates need to be used together.
The changes in more detail by certificate type:

Minor Works

For the description of Minor Works, there is an option for identifying permitted exceptions regarding the use of RCDs for socket outlets. This requires a documented risk assessment to be attached. The risk assessment option is not permitted for dwellings. Designation changes to the recording of insulation resistance means that the Minor Works Certificate can also be used for alterations and additions to three phase circuits.

Electrical Installation Certificate

As is the case for the Minor Works Certificate, in the design section of the Electrical Installation Certificate there is an option for entering permitted exceptions. There is also additional space for comments on the existing installation and for more information on the main protective conductors including tick boxes for identifying what is connected to the main earthing terminal.

Schedule of Test Results

The Schedule of Test Results now contains an expanded list of items requiring inspection during initial verification so that the inspections items can be recorded in more detail. In each case the item must be ticked as being satisfactory or not applicable. If not satisfactory, rectification is required before the installation can be certified.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

For the Electrical Installation Condition Report, there is clarification on the extent and limitations of the inspection regarding concealed cables within trunking under floors and in roof spaces. The section regarding information on the main protective conductors has been expanded to including tick boxes for identifying what is connected to the main earthing terminal. The new layout also highlights and clarifies when further investigation is required before compliance can be confirmed. This is through the use of a separate independent code FI ‘Further Investigation required without delay’ within the Recommendations and Observations Sections.

Designed to save time and get up to speed with changes to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, the new certification pads from Martindale Electric form part of a complete range of products for electrical installation testing and safe isolation verification.

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