Manx Utilities, formerly known as Manx electricity, is a Statutory Board of the Isle of Man Government responsible for providing its customers with safe, reliable, efficient and economic supplies of electricity, natural gas and clean water; as well as collecting/processing waste water, and delivering flood risk management services.

On a daily basis Manx Utilities electricians perform complex electrical tests and maintenance work to keep the systems working flawlessly.

There was an issue, however, that they could not overcome and has been a problem for many years, costing the organisation money and the electricians’ time. Their problem was finding a reliable and safe solution to measure the current flowing through Aculock fuses in a street level substation. It was obvious to engineers that regular clamp meters would not reach around the fuses and conventional flexible Rogowski coils were just too thick to pass through the tube.

Manx Utilities wanted a reliable solution which provided accurate measurements and complied with safety regulations. On one of Martindale’s regular visits to the Isle of Man, Martindale demonstrated a solution to these testing issues. Andy Kemecsei, Key Account Manager at Martindale Electric, met with Manx Utilities to demonstrate the new CM100 Flexi-Clamp.

Manx Utilities needed to measure the load in amperes passing through each phase of the three phase supply. Prior to testing the CM100 Flexi-Clamp no other clamp meter lived up to the task as they were simply too thick and would not fit. The CM100 is the only flexi clamp that they have found that is small enough in diameter to pass freely through the tube built in to the fuse in the LUCY Fuse Carrier for this purpose.

Manx Utilities were impressed with the initial results and decided to work with the CM100 for a trial period. The CM100 has made the previously impossible task of reaching around the ACULOCK fuse easy, instant and more importantly provides accurate measurement results. The CM100 passed the trial test period and is now in Manx Utilities list of officially approved equipment.

The CM100 is capable of measuring true RMS AC current up to 3000A in three ranges. The flexible current sensor provides measurement solutions for different sizes and shapes of conductor up to 14.5 cm in diameter which cannot be measured with a standard clamp meter. The sensor is fitted with a 1.8m lead and backlit display unit which can be used to record Min/Max values and enables easy viewing of results in locations with difficult access. Moreover the CM100 is lightweight and simple to use with Display Hold and an Auto Power Off function which can be disabled when monitoring min/max values of current.

Founded in 1928, Martindale Electric is one of the most trusted brands in electrical safety testing. A British company, Martindale Electric is known for providing innovative and time-saving electrical measurement solutions for electricians and service professionals.