Martindale Electric, leaders in voltage detectors and safe isolation announces the arrival of a new high performance single pole contact voltage indicator. The Martindale VT7 enables voltage detection in difficult applications where other single pole testers don’t work, for example when wearing PPE gloves, saving time and ensuring full safety procedures can be followed.

Detection of AC voltages in the range 50-600V is clearly indicated through a bright LED and buzzer when contact is made with the probe tip.
The VT7 is powered by a 9V battery and has a self-test button, testing functionality and battery status with clear audible and visual indications. Due to its durable construction and class leading IP54 water resistant rating, the VT7 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The VT7 is ergonomically designed and at just 120g is easy to carry and operate. The voltage indicator’s probe is GS38 compliant and the design conforms to BS EN61010-1 for use in CAT IV environments and BS EN61326-1.

The outstanding specification of the new voltage indicator opens up many new applications for safe voltage detection and compliments Martindale’s comprehensive range of single and two pole testers.