Borescopes are not just cameras on the end of a flexible tube. They can help you locate blockages, lost tools, cables and much more.

The Martindale DC50 is a high resolution low cost borescope that comes with three extremely useful accessories:

1. A hook attachment for grabbing cables that you’ve found, or catching a tool that you’ve accidentally dropped.

2. A magnet attachment, useful for retrieving metal objects like nuts & bolts.

3. A right angle mirror, for seeing around corners or behind blockages.

The DC50 has a bright 3.5” colour LCD display, with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution. This gives a good clear image at close distances and is as good as some more expensive handhelds with the same resolution.

The LCD is detachable and can be attached to a wrist-strap, with connection to the handle via a USB cable. This enables easy one-handed operation when using it in awkward spaces or hard to reach areas.

The display can also be inverted, so if you are looking at something upside down, you can view it the right way up on the display.

It has an IP67 rating, waterproof and dustproof, which makes it ideal for locating blockages in drains. The camera is also small enough to fit through a plughole for sink inspections. The standard camera attachment is 88cm long and there are additional 3m extensions available. The more extensions you add, the more difficult the borescope becomes to handle, therefore the maximum recommended number is two.

The brightness of the LED on the camera can be adjusted, or turned off completely, and holding down both arrow buttons on the control panel inverts the display. The DC50 has a video out, so video capture is capable from a laptop, or the image can be captured or displayed on a larger screen.

This borescope really is a useful tool to have, you’ll always find a need for it, whether it is locating that blockage, accessing a cable in a wall cavity, or finding the tool you just dropped!

The standard kit is supplied in a hard carry case with the three attachments, USB cable, video cable, wrist strap and hard carry case.

The Martindale DC50 is priced at £149.00 + VAT and available from all good wholesalers and online distributors.