The new Industrial Plug Lockout from Martindale Electric, pioneers in electrical safety, ensures portable devices cannot be inadvertently plugged in when de-commissioned for maintenance and repair.

By preventing items from being plugged into live sockets, electricians and maintenance staff can safely work on an appliance, secure in the knowledge that no other individual can accidently plug it in, to ensure there is no risk of electric shock or even death to maintenance personnel

Securing the PL8 lockout is simple – simply feed the plug inside, close the lid around the cable and attach a padlock to complete the lockout.

Manufactured from sturdy high quality plastic, the PL8 is suitable for use on standard 13amp plugs, which are usually found in a conventional office or domestic setting, to large 3 phase plugs of up to 63amps, which are often used for heavy duty industrial equipment.

Many industrial accidents are caused by the unexpected energisation or start up of machines or equipment, or by the uncontrolled release of energy however, these accidents can often be prevented by proper LOCKOUT/TAGOUT procedures.

Martindale Electric offers a complete range of lockout/tagout products to help comply with current regulations.