Now available from Martindale Electric – pioneers in safety equipment – is the FL30 Lamp Tester, which is ideal for the fast testing of gas filled lamps in domestic, industrial and maintenance environments.

Compatible with fluorescent, low and high pressure sodium vapour, neon tubes and metal halogen gas filled lamps, the FL30 quickly and safely tests gas filled lamps by ionizing them with a high frequency voltage of approximately 3kV.

Featuring a unique one button test functionality, the FL30 includes a telescopic antenna to allow testing of tubes on standard height ceilings without the need for ladders or platforms. This feature also avoids the arduous and time consuming task of disconnecting equipment prior to testing.

Compact and lightweight, the FL30 has been designed to easily fit into any tool pouch and is an ideal device to speed up any lighting maintenance programme.

This exclusive Martindale lamp tester comes complete with the external antenna, its own compact carry case, a 9V battery and full instructions, making it ready for immediate use. As with all Martindale products, the FL30 is backed with a 2 year warranty.