When a standard clamp meter just won’t fit, Martindale Electric, pioneers in electrical safety, has the solution with the new CM100 Flexible Current Meter, capable of getting to those difficult to reach places and providing instant measurement.

Unlike conventional clamp meters, the CM100 features a clamp sensing coil which can be threaded around cramped or awkwardly situated conductors. Measuring 18 inches, the coil can also be fastened around large conductors, where the jaws of a conventional clamp meter would be inadequate.

The CM100 is supplied with a 1.8 meter lead, which makes it easier to view the display away from the cable being measured, ideal in difficult to access locations, increasing safety.

Compared to other products on the market, which will simply measure theoretical energy by measuring the peak and doing a calculation, the CM100 is a quality tester which will instantly measure true RMS AC current up to 3000A in 3 ranges.

As the mains can often be distorted due to, for example, inductive loads, this additional accuracy can make all the difference in modern applications.

Competitively priced, the new lightweight meter is simple to use and features a Minimum and Maximum Indication, Display Hold, Auto Power Off and Display Backlight, which enables the display to be read clearly and concisely areas where the ambient lighting is poor.