Martindale Electric’s TEK100 and TEK 200 non-contact voltage testers can safely detect voltages without the need for physical conductor contact in sockets, cables and circuit breakers.

Both the TEK100 and TEK200 incorporate a unique built-in proving device to continuously self check the testers are correctly functioning, thereby eliminating the need for a separate proving unit. This integral self test facility activates the sensor in the tip of the testers at 50Hz, as well as checking the battery and LED, to ensure the entire circuit and not just the indicator LED is tested for complete safety.

Exceptionally easy to use, the testers detect the presence of any voltage between 100V and 600V AC by generating both an audible tone and red visual indication. The TEK200 tester can also detect the presence and polarity of magnetic fields produced by indicators, relays, solenoids and transformers, which are indicated through an additional green LED.

Please note that whilst these products are suitable for detecting live circuits, they should not be used for proving dead.