The TEK500 Microwave Leakage Detector, is designed to simply and safely detect radiation leakage from commercial and domestic microwave ovens.

Extensive use of domestic ovens in demanding commercial environments can often lead to damage such as door loosening through slamming or misuse, a build up of dirt around the seal or damage to the interlock, a combination of which could lead to a potentially harmful radiation leak.

The is a low cost and easy to use Microwave Leakage Detector designed and developed to comply with the specification and requirements of BS5175:1976, Safety of Commercial Electrical Appliances using Microwave Energy. Using a simple “pass/fail” design the TEK500 features an audible tone (3kHz) to signal hazardous radiation detected above 5 mW/cm² and a unique self test ability, which should be performed before use to ensure the Microwave Detector is measuring within specifications.

Supplied in a robust outer casing, the unit comes complete with a beaker and a digital Thermometer. Power output can be assessed by measuring the temperature rise in a known volume of water after a fixed period of time, ensuring the microwave oven is safe to use.

Microwave Leakage Detection Testing is generally regarded as an necessary part of PAT testing and this tester can be used with confidence when testing for microwave leakage in home environments, restaurants, school kitchens, factories, shops etc.*

*NB: The 4th Edition of the Code of Practice for PAT Testing removed the requirement for a microwave leakage test to be carried out under PAT, this is because PAT covers the electrical safety of the appliance, however this does not mean that a microwave leakage test should not be carried out at all. Testing and test frequency should be determined following a risk assessment.