As the HSE continues its campaign for sensible risk management, PAT specialist Martindale is reminding firms that a basic tester could be all that’s needed to ensure safety.

There are many pieces of testing equipment out there that are all-singing, all-dancing – we make them too, for those industrial situations that demand their capabilities, but the fact remains that in many cases, a simple, reliable and easy-to-use PAT tester is all a competent user needs.

With its one button, one test approach, the EasyPAT 1600 is an ideal manual PAT for those needing to do a basic test as quickly as possible while still fulfilling legal requirements. The features on the EasyPAT 1600 include:

  • Both mandatory tests (for continuity and insulation) and fuse test
  • 25A, 8A and 100mA (for computers, etc) earth bond tests, selectable with a simple rocker switch
  • An extension lead tester to test IEC leads (can also be used to test 110V extension leads with a MAREX331 adaptor)
  • Test 110V and 240V appliances

Martindale Electric is renowned for high quality test equipment. As with all Martindale products, the EasyPAT 1600 is not only quick and efficient at its job, it looks the part too. The Martindale EPAT1600 is available from all good wholesalers and is backed with a 2 year warranty.